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Covenant and Guidelines

Our Vision

USCJ's Digital Community, The Commons, is an online platform that:

  • fosters the creation and deepening of relationships among the lay and professional leadership of our congregations
  • facilitates the frictionless sharing of ideas and resources
  • empowers members to develop their own affinity groups within our space
  • directs the leaders of our synagogues to forums of relevance and meaning
  • connects the members of The Commons to the staff and resources of USCJ

In The Commons, we will collectively strive to create a culture of trust, transparency, and generosity as we learn, share, and seek meaning together.


Our Covenant

As a member of The Commons, each of us represents our synagogue and the sacred community we are building here. Our behavior in The Commons should always reflect our Jewish values and common decency. Therefore:

  1. All of us should treat one another with dignity, respect, and kindness. We are all created in the “Image of God.” We are here to share with and support one another. As you engage in conversations in our forums, etc., remember that insults and other pejorative comments aimed at individuals or institutions will not be tolerated. Mind the line between constructive critique, which is welcome, and destructive language.
  2. Share who you are! Use your full, real name in your profile. Upload your headshot to your profile. Complete the “Member Title” and “About Me” sections of your profile. (See our registration guide if you have any questions on how to complete your profile.) We endeavor to build a true community in The Commons, and that requires all of us to be our true selves here. Also remember to update your profile if your role with your synagogue changes, etc.
  3. Become familiar with The Commons and how it works! Play, participate, and explore. If you have any questions or need assistance, let us know in our Help and Feedback hub.
  4. The observance of Shabbat and Yom Tov is a value to USCJ and all of our synagogue communities. Therefore, please refrain from participating on The Commons while it is Shabbat/Yom Tov in your time zone. Keep in mind that Shabbat begins and ends in different places at different times – so do not be judgmental of those who seem to be posting on Shabbat – they may be in a different time zone, latitude, longitude, or altitude!
  5. Refrain from sharing anything in The Commons with individuals who are not members of The Commons. The Commons is open to members of USCJ’s affiliated congregations, and USCJ’s partner organizations. We want members of The Commons to share with one another, and to support one another. However, always remember that The Commons is not a space that is open to the general public, and we want everyone to feel safe speaking freely while participating in our forums and clubs.
  6. Do not share any resource (files, videos, etc.) that you do not have the right to share with others.
  7. Do not share any resource that contains threatening or offensive language.
  8. The Commons is not an advertising platform. Do not promote your business. However, if you have expertise in a particular area, you are welcome and encouraged to share that expertise and to let others know what organization you represent. Mind the line between “sharing” knowledge/wisdom and “selling” product.
  9. The moderators and administrators of The Commons have the right to hide or remove content that does not meet our guidelines, or is a violation of our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy (see links below).

Our Guidelines

The Commons is exclusively for the use of individuals who serve in leadership roles or are members of congregations affiliated with USCJ, and USCJ's partner organizations. Membership into The Commons must be approved by a community administrator.

For our complete Terms of Service, click here: https://thecommons.uscj.org/terms

For our Privacy Policy, click here: https://thecommons.uscj.org/privacy/

For information on how we utilize cookies, click here: https://thecommons.uscj.org/cookies 

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